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Innovation is: creative use of technology

Let us support you to realise your innovative ideas.

Mission and vision

Rollermate makes technology palpable and attainable.

You feel that the technology is there, somewhere. The technology that will accomplish your idea of a new product or your idea of an aid to make your life more comfortable. However you lack the skills, knowledge, or time to assess the plethora of options and decide on a successful mix and match of available technology. We belief that we have the knowledge and skills to do this for you, geared towards your situation.


Our knowledge domain is distributed embedded ICT systems. Ranging from low power processing, through short range radio, to sensing and control, i.e. embedded services.

Practical knowledge transfer is our main activity which we do, amongst others through

we provide overview of embedded technology for your specific situation
we provide courses to introduce or advance embedded technology in your organisation
our knowledge transfer methods are hands-on, often in close collaboration with engineers of your organisation
we develop ready-made prototypes to demonstrate embedded technology
manufacturing consultancy
we provide technical assistance in the pre-production phase of new products

On our own account we work on some socially relevant applications, basically considerate technology for the convenience of many. See our eXperience grounds for examples and more information.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and for options to collaborate.

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